Why Choose Illuminate Multi-Channel Order and Inventory Management ?

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Why choose Illuminate over other systems ?
Illuminate multi-channel Order and Inventory Management captures orders quickly and efficiently, whether they originate from the Internet, EBay, Amazon, mail order or telephone. This applies whether you are operating B2C, B2B operations or both. Illuminate’s Order management screen allows telephone or mail orders to be entered easily. Your staff will have the enter customer addressess efficiently using the postal code look up function, enter selections based on keywords or catalogue code. Illuminate will prompt the staff for cross-sell and upsell items and if the item is unavailable suggest a suitable subsitute.

– Postal code look-up to locate the address quickly and accurately.

– Powerful searching – if the customer forgets the product code, it’s simple to search on a keyword to find the product.

– Customer search facilities to review previous orders, RFM value of customer and complaints.

– Automated back order option to allocate stock immediately.

– Real-time stock control – staff are immediately away of the products stock status – instock, on order, etc.

– Delay shipment – staff can delay the shipping of an item this is particularly helpful if the product is for a particular occassion e.g. birthday.

– Gift Orders – staff can create separate shipping addresses.

– Look up substitution products.

– Immediate credit card authorisation with fraudulent checking.


Inventory Management

Illuminate will expertly manage outgoing and incoming packages with real time information at your fingertips. Illuminate allows you to place general and specialised handling and shipping charges on products. This could be the postage charge to other countries, extra postage for special items such as heavy weight or large size, or a special handling fee for certain products.

Illuminate incorporates many different types of tax models, allowing for different country taxes and different categories of tax etc. Flexibility is the key and you will be able to deal with various scenarios of different tax settings.

Management of the product returns process can determine the success or failure of an entire mail order business. Illuminate will manage your returns with ease so you can offer your customers a superior service and deliver a positive impression.

Order Entry Screen – products can be entered using codes, keywords or look-up facility.

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Date : 6th July 2017