Using Retail Market Intelligence Data in Dashboard Reporting

Recently, we were working with an Illuminate user in London. The task ? To help them sell more, profitably.

We performed a lot of deep analysis of the markets in which they operated, in particular their on-line stores, bricks-and-mortar sales, and their EBay and Amazon stores. We gained an understanding of their problems and way of working. We decided to build an on-line platform to help them to understand their data and make better decisions, with Illuminate’s dashboard reporting (based on Power BI) and the DAX language.

A lot of data is now gathered by the business. This is market intelligence data from various on-line platforms, gathered largely through APIs, plus in-house data from the Illuminate system. This data is formatted, clean and enriched, before being loaded into a data warehouse, from where it can be analyzed in Illuminate dashboards.

Product data is generally analyzed according to its sell-through rate and profit margin (albeit, sometimes very small profit margins). These thin profit margins are maintained by AI algorithms that set prices by deep analysis of a product’s selling rate, its price and what competitors are selling it for.

The result ? Increased profits ! Keeping on top of the market and knowing what to sell and at what price is crucial in today’s tough, competitive retail market. By utilizing a correctly designed data warehouse, continuous data feeds, Illuminate and its Power BI dashboards, you stand a much better chance of keeping ahead of your competitors.

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