Using Illuminate To Improve Your Business Performance

Illuminate helps solves many common problems faced by e-Commerce vendors in 2017

Order Processing for e-Bay, Amazon and Magento

Problem #1 – Managing each sales channel separately is just-about-feasible at best, a nightmare at worst.
Illuminate provides a centralised system for managing orders from your e-Bay, Amazon and Magento sales operations. Orders are automatically imported, and stock levels adjusted automatically so that customers cannot purchase items on one sales channel when they become out-of-stock on another. Pick/pack sheets, supplier PO’s, despatch notes, invoices, correct sales tax and integration with couriers are all handled by the system. You can create e-bay and Amazon listings and upload these directly within Illuminate.

Inventory Forecasting and Demand Tracking

Problem #2 – Over and under-ordering of stock costs you money.
Inventory levels are continuously monitored and demand tracked within the system using statistical modelling, including seasonal factors such as Christmas, sporting events and so on. This helps you to manage the fine line between stock-outs and over-stocking. If the system senses that you need to place an order with a supplier, you are alerted to this and the purchase order generated.

Bar-coding integration

Problem #3 – There are so many inventory and order-management functions which can be automated, especially with bar-coding technology, but so many customers still do too much manually.
Our bar-code scanner functions enable you to perform stock checks via barcodes (just scan the barcode and enter the amount of stock you have in the warehouse – the system is then updated and any exception highlighted), accept goods-in via barcodes, pick, pack and despatch via barcodes. These all help greatly in reducing errors with stock and order management. Our recommended barcode scanner is lightweight and cordless.

Reporting/Business Intelligence

Problem #4 – Still using Excel as a reporting tool ? Illuminate provides a complete and integrated set of tools offering so much more.
All of your business data is available in the Illuminate report centre. Easily create reports via Product, product group, marketing campaign, region, time period (day/week/month/quarter/year)  and drill down to explore the underlying data. All report data is exportable and shareable with other users within the system.

An ISO27001 Company, implementing best-practice Information Security.

Problem #5 – Does your software supplier have the security, integrity and availability of its customers’ data as its top priorities?
During 2016, we were accredited with ISO27001 certification. As a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider, it is vitally important that our customer’s data is secure and only accessible to those who are have the correct security access. ISO-27001 means that we implement best-practice security standards and methodologies, and have been independently audited to confirm this. We are also re-audited annually. This relates to all our internal and customer facing processes & services, from hosting, application security, backups, penetration testing, in fact everything we do. For more information, see