Setting up an Amazon Seller Pro Account to use with Illuminate

This brief guide explains how to set up an Amazon Seller Pro Account to link to Illuminate’s multi-channel order and inventory management system.

Linking your Amazon Pro Seller Account to Illuminate is the first and foremost action to perform in getting started with Illuminate. If you don’t link your account, you won’t be able to take advantage of many features within the system:

– Manage all Inventory from within Illuminate. Enter all data – descriptions, mandatory and non-mandatory fields, stock levels, images, variations, prices…all within Illuminate. The Amazon system is then updated seamlessly.

– Illuminate links to Amazon and imports your sales and order data on a very regular basis. The most important information is always at your fingertips within Illuminate’s Order and Inventory Management modules. This enables you to stay on top of all of your Amazon orders and products.

On the Amazon Web-Site
(1) Go to the Amazon Seller Web Site, and set up a ‘Seller Pro’ account. This will cost £25 a month and is the best account for volume selling. This also allows you to sell in the UK as well as four EU marketplaces (France, Germany, Italy and Spain). Fill in the details to register.

(2) Go to ‘User Permissions’

(3) Click ‘Authorise a Developer’

(4) Enter the Developer’s Name and their Amazon Developer Account Number. You will then be issued with one ‘SellerID’, a ‘MarketplaceID’ for each marketplace, and an ‘MWS Auth Token’. You should make a note of these.

Within Illuminate
Open Admin->Amazon Accounts
Enter the following information :
MarketplaceID, AWS Auth Token.

Illuminate will then be able to link to Amazon, retrieve orders, and update listings.

Initially, we’d recommend uploading a simple product, followed by one with variations, just to check that all is working correctly. You should also be able to see your Amazon orders within Illuminate.

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Date : 19th June 2017