Python scripts for EBay, Amazon and Magento Inventory Management

We’re very pleased to announce our new Python scripts for EBay, Amazon and Magento Inventory Management.

Python is a very popular scipting language available on Linux, Mac and Windows. It was made popular largely by Google. It is currently in very high demand and there’s a very good chance that your technical team will already know Python. If they don’t, it is very easy to use, yet powerful too.

Illuminate’s new scripts work with EBay, Amazon and Magento and can act as a basis for your own scripts. They interact with their target systems and will efficiently transfer data to and from the Illuminate multi-channel order and inventory management system, or any other system, to EBay, Amazon or Magento.

Python scripts for EBay, Amazon and Magento Inventory Management
The scripts can help in many areas of inventory and order management, such as :

– Export of data from Illuminate, or any other data source, into EBay, Amazon and Magento
– Mass-listing of products
– Automated listing of products
– Interacting with suppliers, for example data exchange via XML or JSON.
– Export of data from EBay, Amazon and Magento into target systems such as other corporate sales systems or Excel.
– Monitoring of Inventory, listing and sales levels for products.
– Auto-import of inventory levels from suppliers.
– Automatically placing of purchase orders with suppliers.
– Writing customised good inwards and warehouse assignment scripts.
– Interacting with barcode and other devices.

The scripts work securely, with all of your Illuminate data stored on our ISO-27001 compliant servers. Our servers are located wherever you are – in the UK, EU countries, the USA and Australia.

The scripts work on both Python 3.6 and 2.7.

The scripts are available on all plans. For further information, please contact our sales team on 0207 720 6531.

Date : 22nd September 2017