“Automation, Automation, Automation”

“Our background is in business automation and how to streamline the flow of processes and information. We have a real passion for technology and for using it to make things easier, better, cheaper and more profitable. We ‘ve had long and varied careers mainly in designing and implementing corporate level software and systems integration, including clients such as Mazda Cars, Toyota, the BBC, many NHS Trusts and Harper Collins.

We ‘ve been involved in several on-line retail sites over the years. There were so many challenges. Automation was the key, and remains so to this day. Processes should be automated as much as possible, including those outside the daily mainstream of pick/pack/ship work – processes such as refunds, returns, replacements and customer complaints. If processes are left to be done using spreadsheets and manual processes, they become tedious. Problems can turn into crises, de-focus you from your core business, and can easily burn you out.

Illuminate ISO-27001 logo
Illuminate has been built with strong security at its core. Our company gained ISO-27001 accreditation (Information Security Management) in 2016. Illuminate now includes order management, synchronised stock across e-Bay, Amazon and web-sites, inventory management & stock replenishment, pick, pack and despatch, supplier POs, returns and replacements, reporting, integration with many third-party systems such as Royal Mail and Quickbooks – the whole nine yards. It also has a REST-based API which allows developers to build new, customised processes which interact with the core system. Illuminate really is the culmination of all of that real-world experience.

Order and Inventory Management
There are still many aspects of order and inventory management processes which can still be improved, and of course the business environment is constantly changing. However, our mantra of “Automation, Automation, Automation” remains the same. Let the system help you be efficient, allowing you to focus on maintaining effective relationships with your customers, your suppliers and your staff.”

Date : 12th April 2017