Merging Multiple EBay, Amazon or Magento Orders

If you’ve been selling on EBay, Amazon or Magento for a while, you’ll understand the problem of receiving multiple orders from the same person to the same address. Merging multiple orders like these can present a major challenge to retailers. They can often appear as individual orders, which can lead to inefficiency in your pick-pack-ship operation – particularly frustrating when it’s a Monday morning or the Tuesday after a bank holiday.
Merging Multiple EBay, Amazon or Magento Orders

Illuminate deals with this problem seamlessly. On order import, orders from the same buyer being delivered to the same delivery address (and by the same delivery method) are auto-merged, so that only one order with multiple items appears in the system. The system can also be configured to merge these orders if the buyer has bought multiple items from you hours apart, and you can configure the system rules to control this. If the items are being delivered from different warehouses, then different packing notes and dispatch labels are produced for the different parts of the order.

The original order numbers are retained within the order record, so that you can easily track any customer enquiries which relate to one part of the order. Once dispatched, all orders on the source system (Amazon, EBay or your Magento store) are correctly marked with tracking or dispatch information, as required.

Orders can also be merged manually, if the user has the correct level of system privilege. This process is very easy to use and can be undertaken by anyone with a basic knowledge of the system. A full audit trail is retained within illuminate so the whole process is fully audit-friendly and accountable.

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