Inventory Management using Barcodes

Illuminate enables you to control several key areas of Inventory Management using barcodes and barcode scanners. Illuminate’s own barcode scanner, the i4, is a handheld barcode scanner which integrates seamlessly with your Illuminate system using Wi-fi.

Stock Checking using Barcodes
Inventory Management jusing Barcodes
Using the stock-check mode, you can perform stock checking easily and quickly. Simply scan an item (or the barcode at its location in your warehouse). You can then see the expected live stock level, and correct it if necessary. The expected stock level takes into account any back orders and orders still to be picked and packed.

Despatch using Barcodes
Order despatch can be made considerably more efficient using Illuminate’s barcode scanning integration. Firstly, each item should be scanned as it is picked. Then, when the item has been packed, the despatch label on the front of the completed package can be scanned. This automatically updates illuminate, marking the order as despatched and moving it to the correct outgoing order queue within the system. The courier label can also be scanned, if present, updating the back-end sytems as necessary.

Good Inwards using Barcodes
When arrivals from suppliers come into Goods Inwards, the incoming despatch note can be scanned. The scanner will match the incoming despatch note to one within Illuminate, and open it for the goods inwards process. Items can the scanned, either individually or in bulk, and (once confirmed) they will be allocated to the warehouse as required. Back orders which can be fulfilled will also be updated to indicate that they are ready for despatch. If any items on the supplier PO are not present, these are highlighted for further action as necessary.

Illuminate’s i4 scanners are available on all plans, for an additional monthly charge starting at £35 (ex VAT) per month per scanner. All software and hardware support/upgrades are included in the price.

Date : 24th July 2017