Implementation Guidelines for the Illuminate System

Illuminate is a complex multi channel order and inventory management system. As such, it must be implemented correctly in order for you to get the best out of it. We know that customers like to get their hands on the system as soon as possible and start to use it, but we’d strongly recommend taking a structured approach. As such this article contains implementation guidelines.

Training and Implementation
We really enjoy working as part of a team, and working constructively and co-operatively with our customers to get the best out of the system. The steps outlined below give some insight into our preferred approach.

Week 1-2: A pre-implementation consultancy meeting with us, at your offices, so that we can understand your business and its requirements. Implementation and configuration work will then begin. If any new web Magento Web Sites, EBay or Amazon accounts are required, then these can be specified and started at this stage.

Week 4-5: Key users and system administrators should attend one of our admin courses. Courses are run monthly at locations in Brighton, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

Week 5-6: System configuration and installation of any resources required at the customer’s office, for example label printers for Royal Mail Integration.

Week 6-7: Users attend one of our end-users courses. This is more focussed on day-to-day activities such as pick/pack/ship, despatch, refunds, exchanges and customer service.

Week 7-8: Key users attend a reports/Business Intelligence course. Attendees can use their own data and structure, if desired.

Approximately two months after implementation, a post-implementation review meeting is held in which any issues can be highlighted.

Ongoing, our annual Illuminate user group and training conference is the central event for customers to get together with us, and each other.

Implementation costs are included in all of our plans as an up-front cost. See here for details. Courses are free to attend.