Using Illuminate’s Safety and Review for Best-Practice Inventory Management

In the latest of our articles on Inventory Management, we dicusss in detail how to use Illuminate’s Safety and Review feature.
Safety and Review is the easiest way to manage purchasing and is key to good Inventory Management. The safety and review screen shows a detailed list of all the required stock and allows for it to easily be added to a Purchase Order.

The term ‘Safety and Review’ refers to two different concepts:

Safety Levels: Illuminate allows for a Safety level to be set for each product. A safety level is the level at which Illuminate will add a product to the Safety & Review screen if it drops below this value. Once an item has been automatically added to the Safety and Review screen, it will be automatically added to the Purchase Order unless the item is unchecked in Safety and Review.

Review Level: The Review level is a number calculated by Illuminate which states how much stock of a certain item needs to be available at all times in order to fulfil average selling rates.

Using Safety and Review to Add to PO
1. Navigate to the Safety and Review screen by going to Purchasing>Safety and Review Levels. This brings up the Safety & Review screen. Products displayed should be added to the Purchase Order.

2. Items which have reached their Safety level are automatically ticked and will be added to the Purchase order once the ‘Add to PO’ button is pressed at the bottom of the screen. Tick any other items that you wish to add to the Purchase Order and select ‘Add to PO’. The required items are now added to the Purchase Order.

Adjusting Safety & Review
Safety and Review will calculate Review levels based on the number of sales over a certain period of time. To adjust the average, change the Time Period Length (Days) and the Number of Time Periods to reflect the period that you would like Illuminate to calculate the average from, and click Re-generate at the bottom corner of the Safety and Review screen.

Goods Inwards
Once an order has been placed with a supplier and Saved to Goods Inwards, it will appear in the Goods Inwards screen waiting to be received. Receiving an order will update the stock for the relevant products, and allow the option of assigning new stock to any previous backorders that are awaiting specific stock. To receive an order through Goods Inwards:

1. Navigate to Purchasing>Goods Inwards. The Goods Inwards screen is now visible and shows all current purchase orders or purchase orders that have not been fully received.
2. Select a purchase order that you would like to receive by clicking on it once. Once an order has been selected, the details of it are displayed in the window underneath the list of current purchase orders. Purchase orders can be searched by their unique Purchase Order number, or purchase orders can filtered by supplier by selecting the desired supplier from the drop down list next to Search by Supplier.
3. Click the Receive Delivery button at the lower right corner of the Goods Inwards screen to open the Receive Delivery screen. This screen allows for goods that have arrived to be ticked off accordingly and will alert of any pending back orders that may require that is stock being received.
4. Tick off the goods by ticking each products box under the Receive All column. Once this box has been ticked, Illuminate will assume that the stock value on the purchase order has been received. If less or more stock has physically been received, the stock value can be altered by changing the value in the Received Now column.
5. Once all the desired stock has been ticked, selecting the OK button will allocate the stock into the database and the order will be received and stock levels will be adjusted accordingly.

If an order is incomplete, and all the goods are not ticked off within the Receive Delivery screen, the order will remain in Goods Inwards until all its items have been ticked and received or the Purchase Order has been closed. To close a purchase order:
1. Open the Goods Inwards screen as described above.
2. Select the Purchase Order you wish to close.
3. Click the Close PO button under the list of Purchase Orders. The purchase order will now be moved into the Purchase Order History

Purchase Order History
All Purchase Orders that have been fully received or manually closed are moved into the Purchase Order History. To access the Purchase Order History, navigate to Purchasing>Purchase Order History. The Purchase Order History screen is similar to the Goods Inwards screen.

The Purchase Orders in this screen can be searched on by entering the unique PO number into the Search by PO Number box and hitting the Search button, or by filtering the list by supplier by selecting the desired supplier from the drop down list next to Search by Supplier.

Date : 5th May 2017