Order and Inventory Management for EBay, Amazon and Magento

Illuminate Inventory and Order Management provides a complete browser-based e-Commerce Management and Reporting solution for your business, as an on-line managed service. It enables you to manage all of your Orders and Inventory in one place.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management
Inventory Management lies at the heart of Illuminate. All products can be entered here, including the fields necessary for E-Bay, Amazon and Magento. These fields vary, according to the category to which the product is assigned. Product variants and Composite items (a.k.a. ‘Kits’ – multiple products combining to make a single product) can also be entered. Amazon and E-Bay listings can also be generated from here and uploaded automatically.

Order Management

As soon as orders are logged on E-Bay, Amazon or Magento, they are brought into Illuminate. Stock is adjusted if necessary so that no over-ordering can occur. For example, if an item goes out of stock due to a Web order, it is immediately de-listed from Amazon and E-Bay. This ensures no cancelled orders or angry customers. Orders can also be logged through Illuminate itself (useful, for example, for telephone and mail-order orders. Yes, people do still use them sometimes!). Orders then enter the Order Processing stream where they can be picked and packed and marked as shipped. Functions such as order cancellations, exchanges, refunds, returns and Courier labels are all handled within Illuminate.

Stock Replenishments can be undertaken manually, or calculated automatically using the ‘Safety and Review’ function. This shows all products, their stock levels, re-order points, and recommendations for which products to order from suppliers. Purchase Orders can be placed, and functions such as Goods Inwards are built right into Illuminate. Barcode scanner integration is also used to streamline these processes.

Systems Integration

Illuminate has many system integrations, including Royal Mail and other Courier companies (so you can print labels automatically), EDI to suppliers (so that supplier orders can be sent directly to your suppliers), Postal Code integration (for address accuracy), Quickbooks integration (for accounting), and many others.

We also have a fantastic REST-based API so that you can read/write data to/from Illuminate using your own code.

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