e-Bay Seller Reports

Illuminate’s e-Bay intelligence tool allows you to request sales reports regarding any e-Bay seller. This enables you to gain valuable information regarding your competitors. The data is available from within the main Illuminate system, and the following data is included :

– Product Image, with a link to the listing on e-Bay.
– Product Name
– Current Product Price
– Total sales in the selected period
– Quantity sold in the selected period
– Number of distinct sales in the selected period
– Current average sold price
– Total number sold
– Current number of watchers
– Brand, as shown on e-bay
– Current Shipping cost

Sales are sorted in descending order of ‘Total Sales’, so that the most relevant items will appear at the top of the list. The sales report can be exported to Excel (.xlsx) format, if required.

Initially, 14 days of historic data will be available, which then builds over time via automated nightly updates. You could therefore build years of data on your competitors, as long as you maintain your Illuminate subscription.

Any number of e-bay sellers can be entered, and sales data retrieved and viewed within Illuminate.

e-Bay intelligence is included in all of our subscription levels. For pricing, see here

For further information, please contact our sales team.

Date : 4th June 2017