EBay Inventory Management

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Illuminate’s EBay Inventory Management enables you to easily manage all of your EBay Inventory, as part of your overall inventory management system. Here’s our quick guide to getting you up and running with EBay Inventory Management within Illuminate.

Log into EBay via Illuminate

EBay Inventory Management

Within the Illuminate Start Screen, choose ‘EBay Accounts’, and add each of your accounts which you wish to use with Illuminate. Note that you can use multiple accounts with the system.

Retrieve Existing Listings (optional)
You can also, if you choose to, retrieve all of your existing listings from EBay. They will then be used to populate either new or existing products within Illuminate. This can save a lot of time and re-keying ! All data is retrieved, including images and variations. Once retrieved, any new products will be categorised under their first and second level EBay categories.

EBay Basic Data
Illuminate allows you to add/edit many EBay attributes, including:

– Product Name
– Price
– Category
– Quantity Available (this can be linked to the products’s master stock level within your Illuminate system).
– Condition
– Listing Duration (including ‘Good Til Cancelled’)
– Listing Type
– Returns Policy
– Brand
– Product Description – a full HTML editor is provided within Illuminate
– Item Specific fields
– Shipping Types and costs, both domestic and international
– Despatch Time
– Payment Methods

Default values can be specified for most of the fields, allowing you to create listings quickly and effectively.

EBay Variations
EBay variations can also be edited within Illuminate, including the ability to set up multiple dimensions (e.g. Size/Colour), and to set up SKUs, prices and quantities available for each.

Multiple images for each variation can also be added, meaning that a truly rich listing (and EBay User Experience) can be controlled from within Illuminate.

Once you’ve set everything up, Illuminate can be used to estimate fees, then upload, revise and edit listings once they have gone live.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

Date : 23rd August 2017