Customer E- Mail Communication

Illuminate streamlines dealing with customer e-mail messages by integrating all messages into one central location, and messages are sorted so that those which relate to live orders are prioritised. This means that the most important messages (from paying customers) are dealt with first, and those which are product questions or general enquiries (still important, but less so than live customers) are dealt with later.

Customer E-Mails

Messages relating to an order, such as a return request, are associated with the order, ensuring that a complete history is available.

Customer E-Mails

Templates for message replies can be set up, together with mail-merged fields from the order, making replying to customers quicker and more consistent. This ensure that all customer communications adhere to company best-practice policies. Parcel tracking numbers  can also be e-mailed to customers,  allowing them to view their order progress at all stages.

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