Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence
Monitoring your business’s performance is more essential than ever. Slow moving items, overstocking, problem products and customer service issues must all be monitored and dealt with quickly.

Illuminate includes a complete Business Intelligence reporting solution, enabling you to track sales, marketing campaigns, inventory levels, customer service issues, KPIs and much more. It provides an effective way to monitor your business. It has been built to be easy to use by non-technical business users, but without sacrificing any of the power.

All of the data within Illuminate is available for reporting, with a strong focus on Sales, Inventory and Customer Services reporting.

You can report by Category, Product, Sales Channel, Supplier, Marketing Campaign, Customer, Date fields and much more. Measures includes Sales (inc VAT or ex-VAT), Quantity, Total Sold, Profit Margin, Inventory level, Number of Customer Issues and many other data items. In fact, you can report on over 100 measures and data fields, and sort, slice and dice the data in whatever way you wish. Previous-period sales and inventory levels can also be shown side-by-side with current data, enabling you to compare this period’s figures to the previous period. Data can be shown on an Excel-style grid format, or as a chart (useful for presentations). You can also drill down to the underlying data to gain additional insights.

Each user can design their own reports. A user can also create reports and share them for a centralised ‘dashboard’, to show overall business metrics and performance. It’s very easy to organise the reports into ‘Tabs’ (for instance for ‘Sales’, ‘Inventory’, ‘Finance’, ‘Customer Services’, and so on) and share them with colleagues, all within Illuminate. For those who love Excel (and don’t we all !), any of the reports or drill-downs within Illuminate can be exported to Excel. Export to Word and PDF is also available.

Illuminate Business Intelligence is included in all of our subscription plans as standard. Please contact us for a demonstration.