Amazon, EBay and Magento Consultancy

One of the major challenges for multi-channel retailers today is setting up your products to effectively sell on Amazon, EBay and a web site such as Magento. For too many retailers, their focus is skewed towards one platform rather than the others. We can provide Amazon, EBay and Magento Consultancy, in particular to provide help in setting up your product feeds effectively, so that all channels are optimised.

Optimize on-line sales with Illuminate

Amazon, EBay and Magento are very different platforms, and understanading how your products can gain better visibility on these platforms is crucial to the success of your business. Amazon, in particular, is very dominant and as such is extremely competitive amongst retailers.

Listing a basic product on Amazon, EBay and Magento is fairly easy, but configuring the product to be effective on each platform requires some special skills. Many retailers are put off by the rather daunting array of mandatory/optional fields, item specifics, descriptive text etc. The platforms are also changing fairly regularly (for example, ‘Brand’ should now be specified on EBay), so keeping up with these changes is essential.

We have years of experience with EBay, Amazon and Magento. We can provide advice, tools and best-practice methodologies for product and listing configuration, including :

– Product Titles
– Product Descriptions
– Choosing the correct category or categories for a product
– Item Specific Fields and Bullet Points
– Pricing Strategies
– Creating Images
– Specifying Related Items
– Customer Reviews
– Keywords for Search
– Optimising for Mobile

We can help if you already have a current set-up on any of these channels, or are starting from scratch. We can usualy work at your offices and will set up procedures, processes and maybe a software tool or two to optimise your business operations. We can charge by the day or give a fixed cost for the work. We also provide ongoing support, so we’re there whenever you need us.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch on 0207 720 6531, or fill out our contact form.

Date : 29th May 2017