Inventory Management

Illuminate’s multi channel Order and Inventory Management System means that you’ll never oversell again. It is a centralised and automated ecommerce system, and ensures that if an item goes out of stock on one channel (due to selling the last of the stock on e-bay, for example), Amazon and your web site are automatically updated so that the item is marked out-of-stock.If you’re looking for an Order and Inventory Management Software system and would like to see more, Book a Demo

Order Management

Our multi channel Order Management Software enables you to easily manage all of your Orders and Stock from one centralised on-line system. Powerful Magento, EBay and Amazon integration is included as standard. All orders are brought into Illuminate, from where they can be processed centrally. Purchase Orders, Suppliers and Customer accounts are all managed in one place.

Order and Inventory Management System

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Full Info and Features

We’re based in London, UK and provide our on-line software worldwide, including to EU countries, Australia and to the USA and Canada.

Developers – please visit our Inventory Management code repository on github

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During 2016, we achieved ISO-27001 (Information Security Management‎) accreditation.  ISO 27001 is an international standard that sets the highest requirements for implementing best-practice security and data governance. We regard strong information security as key to our business, particularly in the light of recent data breaches involving several high profile UK companies. This standard covers all aspects of data security, including strong penetration testing and pro-active monitoring, to keep your data safe. We’re independently audited to maintain this standard. For more information please visit

If you’re already an Illuminate user and would like to use our REST API to manage orders, customers, purchase order, products…in fact everything…programatically, the API guide is below.
Illuminate API v1.17

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