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Illuminate provides a complete browser-based e-Commerce Management and Reporting solution for your business. Comprehensive order and inventory management are provided out of the box, and includes integration with EBay, Amazon and your Magento site. A complete Business Intelligence reporting solution is also included enabling you to track sales, marketing campaigns, inventory levels, KPIs and much more.

Illuminate is built as an API based system, meaning that your developers can use the same REST-based API function calls that we use in-house to develop our core system. Your developers can easily extend the core system or build integration and data feeds to/from other systems easily and securely. The API covers all parts of the system, including customers, sales, inventory and marketing.

We’re currently testing our new product solutions, but please check back regularly for updates. Alternatively, send us a message using the ‘Contact’ form, or keep tabs on us on twitter https://twitter.com/IlluminateSW




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Illuminate Insight Ltd was established in 2011. Its purpose is to produce a comprehensive and open system to enable on-line retailers to manage their sales, orders and inventory more effectively. We’re based in London, UK.